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The Most Dangerous Reindeer Game [12/20/2010|07:52 pm]

More comics for you! What a lucky person you are!

Do continue to the comics!Collapse )
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Morning Routine [12/19/2010|10:27 pm]

A new comic for you to read if you want. I hope you do!

Did you read it? If not, maybe go back to the top and try again? If you REALLY don't want to read it that's cool. Sorry if I was pushy back there.

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Unlimited Wing Night [12/13/2010|10:33 am]

I totally forgot to officially post this comic!

I went out with some friends, this is what happened.
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Robut Fall Down Go Boom! [12/08/2010|09:18 pm]

Time for a comic!

Read more...Collapse )

I wrote this comic in 2002 in college and I just NOW got around to drawing it. Explain that to me? I don't have a lot of comic confidence it seems. I just kept thinking "Man, KC Green could knock this out in no time at all! Be a machine like mad KC Green!"

So there it is!
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The Perils of Cyber Sex! [11/30/2010|09:59 pm]
Comic time my friends!

So the Wordpress/Livejournal/Twitter crossposting plugin totally didn't work! Looks like I'll have to spend the extra 2 minutes updating Livejournal BY HAND! SHEESH!

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New Character November! #newcharacternovember [11/23/2010|07:32 pm]

Is it still November? WELL THEN MORE NEW CHARACTERS! This one I can tell is going to be VERY popular at all the very specific parties.

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New Character November! #newcharacternovember [11/22/2010|01:51 pm]

Why it's time for another new character for the month of November!

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New Character November! #newcharacternovember [11/17/2010|10:50 pm]

Hey everyone! Yet another New Character November! These new characters are pretty stupid so ADJUST EXPECTATIONS!

These are the types of guys who sit around in their gentlemen's clubs complaining about how lazy the Irish are but they themselves don't have a job. You know the type! The good thing is because this comic takes place so long ago these guys are totally dead now.
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New Character November! #newcharacternovember [11/16/2010|08:35 pm]

Everyone ready for a new character for New Character November?

I'll wait... OMG I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE! Here she is!

I think she pretty well speaks for herself, unless you successfully cast Mute. Then she's pretty much screwed.

Also I hope adding a hashtag to the subject of this post will add it to my twitter tweet twat
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New Character November! [11/15/2010|06:55 pm]

NEWS FLASH: I am now on Twitter! If you like this idea and want to be Twitter buddies I am easily findable:

Hey everyone! So I've decided that it is New Character November! Out with the old characters in with the new! Just in time for the new year!

I'm going to float some character ideas out into the aether and let's see what sticks!

First up is Analysis Paralysis Adventurer!

I think he's going to do well! Oh.. Wait... He's already dead. Shit. OK off to a bad start so far! More later I promise!

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