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Jess Is Sick [01/01/2011|07:49 pm]
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Jess got sick over the Christmas vacation. This is one result of that.


[User Picture]From: liljohnnya
2011-01-02 01:32 pm (UTC)


Why doesn't she have a plastic grocery bag to put her tissues in? The "death bag" is an important part of any bad cold. You sew it up when it's full and send it to your worst enemy. Is this a British thing?
[User Picture]From: mrcolossal
2011-01-02 06:34 pm (UTC)


Why, she DOES have one! It just just not pictured because I didn't think people would get it. Turns out I would have spoken exclusively to the British readership.
[User Picture]From: peastrab
2011-01-03 01:15 pm (UTC)


You guys are weird, I just put death tissues in the bin, or flush them away. I don't think it is a British thing...